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Guide to Entries

Compiled by Gila Strobel and David Gray


This catalogue is intended to provide information on Fred Sandback’s printed works, including editioned prints, monotypes, posters, and artist’s books. The catalogue should not be understood as a catalogue raisonné; we hope that further research will provide the data to make possible a complete catalogue.

When available, an impression of each print was physically examined. If an impression was not available, the information was verified from various sources, including the owners, archival resources, and publications.

Each entry contains the following information when available:

Catalogue Number
The basic numbering consists of a four-digit and a two-digit number separated by a period. The former indicates either the year of production or, if the production spanned more than one year, the last year of production. The second identifies an individual print within a single year; because it has not been possible to determine the order of production within a particular year, the numbering generally follows the order indicated in Fred Sandback: Die gesamte Grafik, exh. cat. (Munich: Galerie Fred Jahn in coproduction with Städtisches Museum Leverkusen, Schloss Morsbroich, 1987), hereafter referred to as the Jahn catalogue. For some later groupings of prints, particularly monoprints, an additional two-digit number separated by a period is given at the end to accommodate future research.

Jahn Number
If a work appears in the Jahn catalogue, that number is provided.

Fred Sandback Estate Number
If a work has an Estate number, it is provided.

The title has been determined either from the artist’s inscription, a portfolio title or colophon, or the Jahn catalogue. Many of Sandback’s prints are untitled or the title is unknown. In the latter case, Untitled is indicated, rather than employing a descriptive title derived from the medium. Portfolio titles and translations of German titles are provided in square brackets.

The year is generally that as it appears in the artist’s inscription. In two cases, 1996.01 and 1996.02, the year is unknown, as explained in the Remarks.

The technique used to produce the print and its support are included. If known, the paper is identified along with a note as to whether the sheet has cut, torn, or deckle edges.

Sheet dimensions
The sheet dimensions are provided in both inches and centimeters.

Composition/plate dimensions
If pertinent, the composition/plate dimensions are provided in both inches and centimeters.

Information is provided on published editions. Abbreviations used include:

AP: Artist’s Proof

TP: Trial Proof

In several instances, Jahn records a number of impressions similar to the edition; such cases are noted, although the information has not been verified.

In some cases, Estate proofs exist; they are marked, generally verso, with the stamp of the Fred Sandback Estate.

Inscriptions such as the artist’s signature, the date of the print, and the edition number are indicated with their placement on the sheet.

The publisher is listed with the place of publication.

The printer is listed with the place of printing.

Information is provided here on variant editions, color states, publication within a portfolio, and additional pertinent information.



April 1, 2018